Hippocrates retreat in Malaga – 10.-17. june 2017

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Renew yourself and ignite your inner glow

How would you like to feel young again?

We invite you to join our retreat near Malaga at the idyllic Santillan Yoga & Wellness Centre.

This dynamic and relaxing retreat focuses on teaching you how to utilize raw food nutrition as medicine, and detoxification and cleansing the body to start a healthy and sustainable life style.

What makes our retreat exceptional is our Wholistic approach. Our retreat emphasizes the symbiotic relationship of mind-body and Soul.

We combine detoxifying the body, releasing toxic beliefs from your mind, as well as offering yoga, rejuvenating massages, and mindfulness practices.

Take a break from everyday life in this beautiful oasis to renew your inspiration and recharge your body and soul.

Learn about the secrets of physical rejuvenation and the amazing power of raw living plant foods.

Our body will return to its healthy and youthful state when we give it the opportunity to rest and detoxify.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” – Hippocrates



Set in a secluded location, Santillan is an Andalusian paradise. It’s located in the countryside, surrounded by the silence of the mountain and with wonderful sea views.

A farm of 30,000 sq meters, it is located in the peace of the Spanish countryside, and yet is conveniently only 20 minutes from Malaga airport.

The family atmosphere, the delicacy of service, gardens, small corners and interior spaces make it an ideal venue for yoga, retreats or explore meditation, deepening silence and stillness space.

Santillan is located in Rincon de la Victoria, 20 kilometers from the center of the capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga. It is nestled in a Malaga hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Santillan is only 25 km away from Malaga´s airport and the train station (RENFE) and Bus are 24 km away.


Go for a relaxing walk in the breathtaking gardens and enjoy the beautiful sensory experience.

This is your chance to let go of old worries and stress, and embrace new perspectives as you reset your mind.

As your body sheds accumulated toxins you will feel a renewed joy of being alive.

This is the ideal environment to release years of lifestyle stress and recharge yourself at the DNA-level.

By unleashing your true instinctive healing mechanism you can reverse years of aging, look amazing and feel incredible!


Living food classes

During the retreat we are offering living food classes to inspire you towards a healthier lifestyle and ignite your inner glow.

You have the opportunity to learn about:

  • Nutritional therapy
  • Effective detoxification
  • Holistic hormonal health
  • Fermented foods
  • The power of sprouts
  • Food as medicine
  • Yoga & mindfulness
  • Tools for self-awareness
  • “The beauty diet”


Raw and living foods are very high in enzymes and phytonutrients. Phytonutrients contain protective, disease-preventing compounds that interact with other plant nutrients to produce a synergy that can help your cells stay at peak health and optimum vitality. Enzymes strengthen digestion, immunity and detoxification. In short, they are the spark of life.

Awaken the dormant power of your immune system and set the stage for optimal hormonal balance and vitality. Let us help you recover your full health potential by unleashing your body’s instinctive healing power, and thrive like you never have before.

With fresh living foods it is possible to rejuvenate yourself on such a deep level that you can look 5 years younger in a short time.

The principles of healing that you will learn can enable you to overcome the root cause of many of your health problems.

All of the food served at the retreat is raw, fresh and organic.


Raw vegan sushi
Raw vegan sushi


Living food
Living food

living foods

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Detox with green juices

Detox is a central part of the program, and our daily green juices will give your body the extra boost of life-giving elements that cleanse and rejuvenate on a cellular level.

Starting the day with a fresh green juice hydrates you deeply, and gives your cells the power to expel toxins and regenerate themselves.

In combination with sunlight, movement and raw living foods this enables you to revitalize rapidly.


What’s included

  • Living food classes with Magnus and Christian, who will answer all your questions and concerns
  • Yoga classes with our experienced yoga treacher Victoria Adams
  • Living food recipes that makes it easy to create the best healthy food at home
  • A system for eating delicious, nourishing foods that awaken your body’s core healing force, keep your hormones in balance, keep you healthy and youthful for life
  • All organic raw and vegan meals
  • Talks on self-development and related topics with Osiris Montenegro
  • Shared or Private Accommodation



NOK – 18.000

GBP – £1700

Single room is an additional 5000 NOK or £470 for the whole week.

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The retreat starts at 18.00 on saturday 10th and ends at 15.00 on saturday the 17th.



Christian Daling

Christian Daling is a trained medical doctor whose focus is complementary medicine, nutritional therapy and lifestyle change to regenerate the immune system and support optimal health. Using food as medicine is one of his key teachings, as he combines the best of traditional food principles with the leading edge of modern science and kitchen technology.

Magnus A. Kjølen

Magnus A. Kjølen is a nutritionist who spent the past 10 years exploring a wide scope of nutritional teachings, from the tonic adaptogenic herbs to fermented foods and the life-giving power of clean raw plant foods. He recognizes the importance of detoxification to prevent inflammatory conditions and lay a strong foundation for health.


Together they have held hundreds of courses and workshops all over scandinavia about the health benefits and power of living food as medicine.

All classes at this retreat will be held in english.


Osiris Montenegro

I was born in Costa Rica in 1963. I had the fortune of being raised with an appreciation for nature, natural medicine, and spirituality. I traveled to other countries early on and ended up living in Ecuador and Mexico where I learned at a young age how different other cultures are. My personal adventure began when I left my family to study and moved to USA in 1980 where I finished high school, and completed all of my higher education by 1993. I have been working as a self-employed holistic practitioner since 1988.

I`m passionate about people, nature, Holistic (mind/body/Soul) medicine, and Spiritual growth. My approach to healing and well being includes understanding the importance of good nutrition, healthy life style choices, and personal development that includes establishing a firm connection our Higher Self. In my work I focus on assisting the healing of mental/emotional trauma and recognizing the presence of our Soul. I love teaching and lecturing on the topic of personal development. I enjoy educating people how to integrate their mind/body and Soul into an undivided presence thus functioning as a whole person.

My vision is to contribute to a new health paradigm that unifies Mental Health and Holistic medicine to maintain dynamic Well Being. In my articles, books, lectures and courses I aim to bring this approach to the main stream of our culture.  I enjoy inspiring and assisting the holistic development of individuals and the community at large to embrace our common nature and act in harmony with each other, and the entire ecosystem of our precious planet.




Daily yoga classes will be offered at the Santillan state-of-the-art yoga studio.

Our international yoga teacher Victoria Adams will take good care of you, and gently guide you into shape.

Victoria Adams

Victoria is a yogini, nutritional food chef, holistic health coach, published author and commodities broker. She is the author of “Recipes for Life” and contributing author of “Mastering the Commodities Markets”. She took her first steps into the health & fitness world in her teens and is now a resident yoga teacher & manager at Jason Vale’s Juicy Oasis & Juicy Mountain, as well as teaching privately in London.

Victoria’s Hatha yoga teaching is not limited by any one “style” though she draws on influence of Yin and the more traditional rooted practices and dynamic asana; she will challenge you as and when you need it, and also encourage you to give your body the rest it needs when it needs it. Focus is on core strength, proper alignment and direction of the breath.

Yoga will support the body during any type of cleanse, as it speeds up the detoxification process and addresses symptoms of stress. Exercise and proper nutrition is so important, and yoga is a wonderful tool of keeping us happy and healthy in a world where we are short of time and vitality. Victoria’s voice will invite you into such a space that, paired with the Hippocrates raw food cleanse, you will leave Santillan feeling amazing (although you might not want to leave!).

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Santillan has 20 rooms, each individually styled, paying special attention to color, harmony and balance with the environment. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms with madnifying mirror, hair dryer and welcome products, air-conditioning, heating and each comes with a private outdoor space, either verandah or terrace, with lovely views of the gardens, surrounding hills or down the valley to the sea.

Standard room



They are rustic rooms with double bed or twins, warm, with terracotta floors or wood. Discover a comfortable Mediterranean atmosphere on the large terraces or at the porch.

Centro Santillan has two types of standard rooms. Four of them have a porch with direct access to the tropical garden and the other 4 have a large terrace on the first floor, overlooking the tropical garden and the sea beyond.


  • Room size: 17 to 20 m2
  • Dimensions ground floor terrace 9 m2
  • Dimensions 1st floor terrace: 12 m2: 12 m2


Superior room


These rooms are elegant and spacious. They have a double bed or twins, with high ceilings and wooden floors, work desk or reading, hot tub and terrace with sea and mountains views.


  • Room size: 20 m2 a 24 m2
  • Terrace size : 6,5 m2

Grand suite

It has all the necessary elements to make your stay unforgettable. King size bed, separate living room, two spectacular terraces overlooking the sea, a splendid room, jacuzzi and two bathrooms .. one with an hydro massage shower.


  • Room size: 70 m2
  • Terrace size (2): 10 m2

The grand suite is available on special request.




A typical day looks like this




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